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The Problem/


As a BCO or 3PL, I would like to be able to configure alerts based on a simple set of predetermined thresholds, so that I can take proactive action to avoid delays in my shipment flow. The Notifications and Alerts feature of TradeLens Core enables users to receive notification of the occurrence of specific Events or to be alerted to deviations or potential

deviations to plan that they want to be alerted to, using configurable business

rules. The following are supported:


Notifications are used by the TradeLens team and data publishers and are not exposed to users. These alerts are primarily intended to help identify anomalies in incoming data (gap in

event feed, missing data, etc.) to enable ongoing improvement in data quality.


Notifications are triggered from specific actual Events published to the platform from the source, such as the Customs & Carrier Release, Customs Hold, and Container Selected for




Alerts are triggered based on a set of configurable business rules based on existing data elements, such as a Transport Plan Change, impending Cargo Cutoff, or an ETA that deviates from a plan by more than a configurable interval. The Notifications and Alerts feature of TradeLens Core enables users to receive no

My Role

My role was Design Lead, Building out initial design flows and concepts, working with Product Owners on finalizing requirements and then aligning with Engineering on finals builds.

Initial Notification creation screen. Users can set delivery options, additional parties and notification types.

Notifications Inbox

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Filter Example

Multi-select option panel

Selection option set

Single line notification options