Design Direction, Product Strategy, User Research, Product Design

The Problem

Users need a fast and effective way to filter/find the Active eBLs they want to action.

The current search leverages SIP/platform components which impacts the UX in several ways:

  • - User cannot filter by eBL specific fields only consignment ones.
  • - Search load time is long as effectively we are performing two searches: 1st we search for consignments and 2nd we use the results from the consignment search to search for the eBLs.
  • - User gets error when consignment search returns more than 50 results (even if associated eBL are a lower number) due to performance issues
  • - Wild cards are not enabled when searching for names [we also need a common UI definition for user to know which searches are wild card enabled].
  • - Date search takes into consideration the users’ time-zone instead of the time-zone of the action/event [this is also a site-wide issue].

My Role

My role was Design Lead, refining requirements with the eBL Product Owner, overseeing a Product Designers and working collaboratively with engineering. The redesign utilized a set of new Angular (Material 3) components, that were part of a larger design system and principle overhaul of the product.



Real time dynamic search

Streamlined search leveraging Material Design 3

Advanced search specific flows

Fully responsive and mobile friendly

Enhanced real time data export