Actionable Insights: Query Builder

Design Direction, Product Strategy, User Research, Product Design

The Problem

A larger amount of information and data is available in TradeLens, making sense of this in the current UI is very hard for end users, independent of their role and responsibilities within the supply chain industry. For users to get true actionable information from TradeLens Shipment Manager today, it’s very cumbersome and requires multiple steps including setting search parameters filtering results and only them accessing each individual shipment, container or transportation (consignments) to find out the latest status or to get some level of insight which they can actually use and action on it. These refreshed status widgets will allow customers to personalize their needs within the Shipment Manager Landing page, where they will have the ability of managing the widget sections and individual widgets, based on their business responsibility. This will allow our customers to have important insights at an aggregated level, serving as a heat map of their daily operations, so they know exactly what’s going on with their business and where they need to focus or take action.

My Role

My role was Design Lead, overseeing a team of 1 Product Designers and 1 Researcher. I operated in a cross functional capacity collaborating with stakeholders from Engineering, Product, Sales and external customers.



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