Full Product UI

Design Direction, Product Strategy, Design System, User Research, User Analytics, Project Planning, Product Design

The Project

TradeLens is a Enterprise level B2B solution that aims to simplify global shipping through digitization and Blockchain technology. I was hired in 2018 to oversee the UX of what was then largely utilized as a sales tool. In the next 4 years, I redesigned, defined and enhanced what became the lead offering to many of TradeLens major users, which included Walmart, GE, Nestle and Kawasaki.

My Role

My role was was to oversee the entire end to end user experience and interface design. For design, this included, overseeing new design features, designing out new enhancements, working with Product Owners and Engineers on ensuring timely sprint releases, and working with QA teams on identifying and fixing bugs and discrepancies. Post design, I managed all user analytics, onboarding product guides, surveying and user feedback, research and requests. My role began as a Senior Designer, overseeing a team of 1 junior Designer, and by year 4 I was serving as Head of Design and User Research managing a team that focused on design, research and user feedback.

Key Screen and Design Examples

Landing Page

TradeLens Landing Page allows for quick navigation and answer to questions. Includes Quick/Full Search, recent items, Actionable Insights (Reporting) and split navigation.

The design is based off Angular Material Design.

Actionable Insights and Reporting

Documents and Trade Object Creation

2.0 Launch Page (Paid Offering)

Design System Creation

Included component library, visual style guide, typography, brand guide and design principles.

Functionality and UX

User Flow and Navigation

Users can quickly find important items

Split navigation allows for easy access to product specific pages (Consignments, Events) vs. user specific pages (Notifications, Account Management)

Simple and User Friendly

In 2018, the TradeLens platform was designed Desktop only. Over the next few years we worked on converting existing functionality and new enhancements to a fully responsive model.

The interface utilizes a mix of cards and tables, that are set by each individual user. Tables allow for full customization of columns, filtered data and data order.

Guides, Surveys and Tips

Beyond the feature design, my team was also responsible for designing, launching and analyzing guides and surveys across the product.


Features such as eBL, was designed from the ground up to provide a innovative user experience and options not available in any other product

Documents and events are the cornerstone of the TradeLens Platform. Each trade object allows for easy access to the latest data for each.

Enhanced real time data export