Backend Fulfilment Tool

UI Design/UX Design/Branding

The Project

Over the course of 3 months, I was responsible for a total redesign of the UGHH backend fulfillment tool.  This included redesign of existing functionality and new design and user experience flows. The goal was to create an interface that assisting in making functionality smoother and workflow quicker and more understandable.  This included unifying all disjointed and separated tools and branding the entire suite of tools under one menu/header.  Due to the quick turnaround for much of this work, very little wire framing was done.  In its place was quick sit down feedback sessions with the CEO where ideas and critiques were given with the goal of shipping out the tool quickly.

My Role

My role was sole designer, working collaboratively with the CEO on requirements, pain points and overall goals. I also interfaced with staff that used the tools daily. This was an internal tool utilized by a small subsection of staff.

Original Tool